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Kelly Y., San Mateo, CA

I highly recommend the Monterey Bay Institute of Electrology. The instructors are exceptional and use their vast knowledge from their years in the industry to expand on the educational material. The class sizes are small, allowing for more in-depth discussion and one-on-one time with instructors. I am confident that I have received the best education and training from MBIE. I will be able to use any of the four modalities to help any client that walks through my door. If you are interested in pursuing electrology, I strongly urge you to consider this high-quality school.

By Michelle W., Texas

I should start by saying I come from a state that is both unlicensed and without formal training available in electrolysis. The predominant modality is thermolysis. The profession is passed down from one person to the next with some receiving as little as two weeks of training. I entered the electrolysis field having a medical and dental background. My initial training was with a recognized electrologist. After encountering many frustrations with using straight thermolysis, I decided to learn the blend so I searched for, and learned from, one of the state's best. Immediately I began to see results and my clients were very excited. However unanswered questions and clients were experiencing slow results using my single foot-pedal machine. The more I studied Michael Bono's book "the Blend Method” the more I realized how much there was to learn. Out of sheer frustration I contacted Mr. Bono and was referred to Randa Thurman, owner of Monterey Bay Institute of Electrolysis. The time, effort, and money spent to attend this school has more than paid for itself. I can honestly say that I was not performing true blend nor did I have a comprehensive understanding of how the modality worked. The ability to correctly calculate units of lye and then deliver it utilizing two-handed progressive epilation with tapered probes has made an incredible difference in my client's outcome and the time in which it takes to see results. Besides having a firm understanding of the basics, I was introduced to and now own a machine that allows me to have full control during treatment and makes troubleshooting a snap. The Clareblend machine with built-in slow heat rise was explicitly designed to complement the manual blend operator. I would recommend this school with its staff to anyone who wants to improve and or learn new skills to enhance their practice.

By Jana G., Fresno, CA

I just finished 600 hours at Monterey Bay Institute of Electrology and I have to say it was a terrific experience. The past 4 1/2 months probably were the best and most challenging of my life. The reason for this is because our instructor Miss Randa pushed you to get you ready for the road ahead of you. She was always there to answer any questions that you may have. Everyone who has graduated from MBIE has started their own practice, with the ongoing help from Miss Randa. I feel this proves what a great job these 2 instructors are doing. The environment is great with a lot of wonderful clients who are willing to let the students practice on them. I came in not knowing much about this field and left with the knowledge and confidence I needed to run.

Karena K., New Jersey

School at MBIE was lots of fun as well as a confidence booster. The Director (Randa Thurman, C.P.E.) Prepared us well for the state exams and a new career in Electrology. We worked on some difficult cases at school which made me feel confident with the variety of clients I see in practice. All of my questions were answered, even after graduation. Considering everything. Including the techniques we learned, the variety of machines we used, the content, and the quality of instruction, I am delighted I went to Monterey Bay Institute of Electrology. I highly recommend it.

Carole W., Vancouver, Washington

My educational experience at MBIE is one that created confidence and knowledge that I will have for a lifetime. I was truly impressed with the one on one instruction and professionalism of the staff. I graduated school with a wealth of experience and preparedness to pass the state board exam with ease! It was a huge highlight in my life. I recommend this course to any person with the desire to succeed in business by helping people!

Sheryl M., Eureka, CA.

My educational experience at MBIE (Monterey Bay Institute of Electrology) is one that created confidence and knowledge that I will have for a lifetime. I was truly impressed with the one on one instruction and professionalism of the staff. I learned more in one week than I did in 3 months at an out of state school I previously attended. Actually I enjoyed every minute of it. Another built-in bonus is that it all took place in beautiful Monterey just blocks from the beach where I would relax after class and take in the scenery. As a result of this pleasant experience, I passed my state exam on the first try with ease and am now excited to be opening up my new business. I highly recommend MBIE.

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